Emplacement: Spain
TVA (21%): 1 029 EUR
Certificats: CE
Autres informations: Atlet Self-Propelled Electric Stacker, Model xsn160 sdtfvh540 seated driver; includes charger, year 2003, open cabin.
Working hours 7000 approximately.
Working load 1600 kg
Load center 600 mm
Working height 2900-6300 mm.
Atlet was the first builder to launch this type of stacker. Versatile, space saving, allows efficient stacking and internal double pallet transport. Foldable side stabilizers for greater residual capacity; It is designed for mixed handling, such as stacking and internal transport. It allows continuous driving time and works in narrow aisles.
High travel speed and lift / lower. Speed, added to high performance and productivity.
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